Institute Ambassador Program Revised for 2015-16

Shayna Feldstein

Just this semester, the Student Ambassador program for the Institute of Nonprofits has been reinvigorated, made more robust in providing new opportunities for students and professors alike!

This opportunity exists as an outreach/education program for the Institute of Nonprofits. It is designed to promote both the Nonprofit Studies minor and the Social Entrepreneurship initiative, two of the Institute’s programs. This benefits the Institute by bringing in fresh faces and sharing its own existence with the NC State community.

For students, the program provides practical application for many skills learned through any major, or the minor associated with the Institute. They can build their network and interconnected reasoning through this program, as well as their self-confidence and self-efficacy. And of course, leadership opportunities are big resume builders.

Jackie Parker, the Institute’s Graduate Assistant, runs the Ambassador program. On the program itself, Jackie feels that Ambassadors “are getting a lot out of it.”  For professors, Student Ambassadors can easily be requested for any class.

For those who join the program, participation in all events is voluntary, though at least two must be attended per semester for it to count.

For all questions related to the program (both on joining and on visits), contact Jackie Parker, Graduate Assistant at or 908-692-5142.

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