Social Enterprise Promotes Doing Good Across Campus

Haily Jones

News broadcasts are usually about corruption, terrorism, school shootings, and many other tragic events. With all of this negativity constantly being brought up, it can be hard to see the good in the world. In an effort to promote “good,” HealthBeMe launched “Go Do Good” Day on January 21, 2016. With so many “not so good” things going on in the world, HealthBeMe thought it would be encouraging and inspiring to have a day dedicated to partaking in acts of kindness and spreading good news.

HealthBeMe eventHealthBeMe is a social platform with a vision to humanize healthcare. The purpose for HealthBeMe is to empower people and inspire one another to come together and live life to the full. Jason Dragos, Founder and CEO of HealthBeMe, explained that with media being so negative and depressing, it seemed like a great idea to have a day devoted to doing good. So, rather than having a school shooting, HealthBeMe launched a school ballooning during “Go Do Good” Day. There were about 2000 balloons with the words, “Go Do Good” printed on them, and attached to each balloon was a message suggesting one act of kindness. Along with the balloons, HealthBeMe provided snacks, coffee, and even a 5’ TV cut out so that those who got involved could share their “good news.”

“Go Do Good” Day was a successful event, with the goal of encouraging and spreading “good,” thanking NC State for partnering with HealthBeMe, as well as thanking the Institute for Nonprofits for their involvement with HealthBeMe. Elizabeth Benefield, Social Entrepreneurship Program Manager, shared that “HealthBeMe is a powerful idea that has great potential to change the way we access and manage our healthcare, and is uniquely bringing together many pockets of campus expertise.” Benefield provided connections and mentoring for the social enterprise. The concept of “doing good,” as well as the platform that HealthBeMe provides is very inspirational and unique. The Institute is a proud supporter of HealthBeMe. There is good in the world, sometimes it just takes encouragement from others to be able to see it.

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