Institute Alumni Profiles: Seth Asbill

Seth Asbill is originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and graduated from NC State in 2006 with bachelor’s degrees in both political science and communication. He heard about the Nonprofit Studies Minor through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences when it was still in development. He was immediately drawn to it as he wanted to make a positive impact on the world around him, whether that be as a nonprofit professional or as a volunteer.

Seth enjoyed the minor as it provided him with some clarity and perspective about the importance of his volunteer and service work. The minor also connected him with like-minded students who shared similar interests and passions-many of which he still keeps in touch with today. Through the minor, Seth was able to complete a few internships which helped to further connect him with local nonprofit organizations. The class he found most useful is the nonprofit leadership course, as he still uses those concepts both in his volunteer work and in his professional life.

Seth is currently a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Investments. Seth still engages with nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways: he is on the coordinating council for his religious denomination, volunteers with his local rotary club, and is on the Board of Directors for the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he also volunteers with Boy Scouts of America (where he served as a nonprofit professional for six years prior to his current position) and the NC State Communications Alumni Board.

What is Seth’s advice to current minor students? “Try to decide whether you want to be the best nonprofit professional or board member/volunteer you can possibly be; if you can’t decide (like me), give both a try and see which one feels right.  The perspective you’ll gain through your experiences will be invaluable to you.”

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