Institute Alumni Profiles: Emily Holder

Emily Holder is originally from High Point, North Carolina and graduated from NC State with the Nonprofit Studies Minor (Psychology major) in 2012. She was looking to add a minor after her freshman year and came across the Nonprofit Studies Minor on the CHASS website.

Dr. Clerkin was the faculty member who had the largest impact on Emily’s experience in the Nonprofit Studies Minor. She continues to use the knowledge that she gained in his Introduction to Nonprofits course in her daily work with nonprofit organizations. The course provided Emily with a foundation for her future nonprofit education and work. The minor helped Emily to learn a specialized set of skills that paid off down the road, and made her feel as though she had a very unique and special college experience on a campus that was as large as NC State’s.  Her favorite nonprofit studies memory is landing an internship with NC GreenPower. Her biggest takeaway from the minor was not to start your own nonprofit- find one that aligns with what you are trying to impact. She also regularly uses the critical thinking skills that she learned through the Nonprofit Studies Minor.

 Emily is currently the Assistant Director of God’s Storehouse in Danville, Virginia. Her advice to NC State students who are considering the Nonprofit Studies Minor? “If you are considering a job in the nonprofit sector, taking the minor is a must. It adds to your resume and shows that you have the education to back up your passion.”

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